Few Criteria That Determine IMAX With LIEMAX

2002: An Advertising and marketing Odyssey
Things began to change in 2002 when the firm created the suggestion to up-convert new as well as existing Hollywood films to display in their movie theaters, starting with a re-release of Beauty 13. After employing the aid of computer scientists they established an exclusive technology called Digital Media Remastering (DMR) to prep these selected films view here for seeing on their huge displays.

The large majority (more than 95.4%) of movies we have actually seen marketed as being released in IMAX have actually not actually been recorded in IMAX 70mm, they’re just being presented in IMAX cinemas. Wikipedia has a thorough list of these movies– mainly smash hits as well as action flicks.

Filmed in IMAX
It had not been until Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight (2008) that a Hollywood movie lastly utilized the IMAX camera. A number of activity scenes– a full 28 minutes of footage– were consisted of in the print, with the remainder being up-converted using DMR. The visuals were undeniably striking.

To this day, IMAX’s 2D 15 perf (opening) electronic camera from 1976 continues to be the highest-resolution cam in the globe– far much better compared to any kind of electronic video camera. IMAX is tape-recorded on 70mm film which, with ease, you ‘d believe would certainly result in two times the resolution of basic 35mm. The problem for IMAX Corp, nonetheless, was that they could just utilize this experience for a tiny number of gallery movies and choose documentaries. The IMAX cams are huge, cumbersome, and loud– making discussion nearly impossible to film. It had not been until Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight (2008) that a Hollywood film lastly used the IMAX cam.

The IMAX screens represented only 1/46th of all displays domestically, yet they produced virtually 10% of the domestic gross.
It was after this development success that IMAX attempted yet an additional method to increase service– and also it’s this choice that is the crux of our existing problem.

Get in LieMAX
They began encouraging film theater chains, most commonly located in shopping malls, to retrofit some of their screens right into IMAX cinemas. To produce these brand-new places, nevertheless, IMAX made a significant number of concessions in quality.

1. Just 22% of the IMAX display dimension

They remove the very first 4 rows and relocate the screen onward a bit, but it’s still only marginally bigger than a basic theater display.

2. 1/9th of the IMAX image resolution

LieMAX still makes use of 2K Christie-brand electronic projectors. Even most “routine” cinema that have actually gone digital possess 4k.

For the third Hobbit film in December, IMAX will lastly start to turn out their new 4k laser projectors … to “1 or 2 theaters.” In the mean time we’re stuck with fifty percent 1/4 the high quality (2.07 M pixels vs 8.29 M pixels.).

Even some of their legacy cinemas use these 2k projectors in lieu of film ones, creating even more high quality issues:.

They utilize 2 of them to make the picture brighter, yet they still have an additional major issue:.